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About the Brand

A Dash Of Luxe

A Dash of Luxe, your opulent online-based candle boutique. Our goal is to provide our customers with a sensory experience that goes far beyond just your average candle. 

A Dash of Luxe offers hand poured, all natural scents, aimed towards enhancing your moods, well being, and quality of life. We’re the Fragrance Haus dedicated to building, improving, and offering a self care sanctuary.

Let us help you Ignite Your Vibe!

About The Founder

Crystal McEachin


About Crystal McEachin

My name is Crystal McEachin from Brooklyn, New York and I am the CEO/ Chandler behind A Dash of Luxe.

I’ve always been a DIY kind of woman in love with design and creating memorable experiences. Growing up in Brooklyn, being surrounded by different people and cultures helped to cultivate my taste. I knew early on that I wanted to instill a sense of luxury and purpose into my life, and God willing into the lives of others. That was even easily reflected in my nickname growing up.

Crystal McEachin


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MY VIBE IS IGNITED! This scent is also a mantra ok?! This is one of the melts I don't usually mix with others but when I really want to indulge I use 2 'Rich Auntie Vibes' wax melts and one 'Egyptian Amber' wax melt in my warmer that I also purchased here on the site.I love it here!

Joanne Martinez

Owner of The Blaq Market
LOVE AT FIRST WHIFF!!!! I have bought candles in the past simply as a means to see if a light bulb burned out. Now I put thought into it but the varieties can get overwhelming. The name Tonka Noir is what attracted me because it seemed unique. The scent is a PERFECT blend for a masculine space that invites feminine energy. That's my vibe...and THAT'S what I'm gonna ignite. EVERY order I make has this candle.

Vance Bradford

IT IS TIME TO SET THE MOOD!!! I gifted myself this linen spray and I was not disappointed! The scent is wonderful and lasted for days! My order arrived quickly and packaged with extra care, thank you so much for my dash of luxe!! I will be back for more!


Owner of Plum Dilly

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