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About the Brand

A Loyal Society

At Loyal Society, our intention is to create inspiring relaxation gifts for you and

those you love, with a sense of elegance.

Our passion for the highest quality products, paired with an expert eye for details and

a personalized touch, makes A Loyal Society gift boxes a standout to

support self care for you and those you cherish.

About The Founder

Krista Carter

Founder & CEO

About Krista Carter

Krista is the founder of A Loyal Society. She is passionate about wellness and is an advocate for self care. As the mother of an adorable and on the go son, she deeply understands the unique pressures that mothers and working women face in creating time and space for their self care.

As the Founder, Krista’s intention for A Loyal Society is to create gift boxes, centered around self care, for you and those you love, with a sense of ease, calm and effortless luxury.

Krista Carter


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I am in LOVE with my Self-Care bundle: Meditation & Mimosas! My candle is mesmerizing! Each layer of delicate purple tissue and silk that I unwrapped revealed a surprise the brought me JOY! Your personal note to me and your gift of lavender essential oil was my comfort zone. Quality, Integrity & Love....this is A Loyal Society

Dr. Monica R.

These are my absolute favorite self-care products EVER! I have a love story to tell for each of the products I've experienced, but to spotlight one, the Love, Light & Lavender candle puts me at ease instantly (and who doesn't need EASE in the midst of this pandemic?) , and for an extra bonus, it calms my 9yo daughter, too. The way Krista packages these products deserves an award as well. As does her personal outreach. I feel very lucky to be in A Loyal Society's orbit!

Denise R.

This was exactly what I needed to send to my friend who needed some love and self-care. Krista was exceptional with her level of detail. It's this level of customer care that you just don't get with bigger businesses.

Sofia G.


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