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About the Brand


Aam is a fashion label that caters exclusively to women with pear and hourglass shapes. Our pants sit snug at the waist with more room for curvy hips and thighs.

Aam's aesthetic is polished and versatile; our pieces are intended to be wardrobe staples. Each pant is 100% machine washable, made with soft, natural fabrics in a factory that is certified for ethical working conditions.

About The Founder

Neha Samdaria

Founder & CEO

About Neha Samdaria

Neha is the Founder & CEO of Aam. The brand began as a passion project – Neha has struggled all her life to find clothes that fit her curvy shape – but evolved into something much larger when she discovered that this is a problem impacting 1 in 4 American women, predominantly communities of color. She has an MBA from Stanford and a Bachelor of Science (Honors) from the California Institute of Technology. She was recently featured on podcasts So She Slays and Business, Banter and Stories.

Neha Samdaria


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The Crop Pant - Size L, "Never have I ever been able to easily pull a pair of pants over my thighs. I have ALWAYS had to jump to pull my pants up comfortably. These pants are amazing. So comfortable and fits perfectly around the waist without suffocating my thighs."


The Wide Leg Pant - Size M, "The material is so soft and silky, it feels like you're wearing PJs but they look like elegant chic work/business pants on you! They fit perfect on the waist while giving you room to breathe around your thighs."


The Flex Waist Pant - Size S, "I have paid hundreds of dollars for "custom fit pants" from various brands, and none of them fit quite as well as this pant did straight out of the box."


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