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About the Brand

Adarabella Designs

Adarabella Designs is a line of functional and fashionable jewelry that serves as an on-the-go mental health aid! Sensory grounding elements are incorporated into the work so the wearer can cope with anxiety or other symptoms by distracting busy minds and hands with the kinetic jewelry, breathing in essential oils from the aromatherapy beads, or feeling protected by the self-defense rings!

About The Founder

Dara Firoozi

Founder & Designer

About Dara Firoozi

Dara Firoozi, the founder of Adarabella Designs is a Discursive Sensory Designer who developed this line of fidget and sensory jewelry during her senior thesis at the University of Michigan while studying product design and in therapy for PTSD. Firoozi blends her experience learning about therapeutic grounding techniques, with the five pillars of discursive design; to inform, inspire, persuade, provoke, remind, to develop products that help people feel confident and in control!

Dara Firoozi



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Aromatherapy Necklace, "...It’s a beautiful piece that looks so elegant. I love putting my favorite essential oils on the beads for calming aromatic scents when I need to get grounded. I also enjoy “playing” with the pendant and sliding it up and down as a sensory piece..."

Deirdre M.

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Tap Ring, "... I was pleasantly surprise at how soothing/grounding the ring is as well as a lovely statement piece that also works so well to help ease stress throughout the day."


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Self Defense Rings, "...It helped my anxiety as I walked to my car after work. I also just felt good knowing someone made this with mental health in mind. And I also ways get to connect with people who ask me about the rings about my mental health and theirs as well..."

Amari M.

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