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Alicia Puig

I'm an established freelance writer, editor, and 2x author who creates art, travel, and business content for blogs and magazines. I also work directly with visual artists to offer advice for writing an artist statement and biography. My website offers a range of professional resources for artists including my bestselling guide on how to pitch your art and a downloadable artist cv template.

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Alicia Puig


About Alicia Puig

In addition to running PxP Contemporary, Alicia Puig is an arts writer, and co-author of the books The Complete Smartist Guide and The Creative Business Handbook. She has worked in the arts industry for over fifteen years both in the US and internationally. Her writing has been featured in publications and on blogs including Create! Magazine, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Hecho En Magazine, All She Makes, and Art Spiel, among others. Additionally, she has served as a guest curator for All She Makes, Create! Magazine, Rise Art, Hastings College, Repaint History, Visionary Art Collective, Altamira, I Like Your Work, and SHOWFIELDS.

Alicia Puig


I must say your golden question 'how so?' really pushed me out of my comfort zone to get more of myself out onto paper! It was tough all the way, but I am so glad I did it! It was great working with you.


I'm pretty sure that was the least painful rewrite of my artist statement ever. I really enjoyed working with you, too. The experience had great prompts, gentle nudging and valuable insights.


Thank you so much for this guide. After working with you on my artist statement and biography, I am so ready to pitch but am a little nervous. This guide comes at the perfect timing for me - I'm looking forward to working with it!


I heard from a university that I had contacted twice before with no response. After implementing your tips, with the third try - they responded within an hour!



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