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About the Brand

ALOE Bookkeeping, LLC

Just like aloe soothes and heals, we nurture your business's financial health. Our bookkeeping services are here to bring peace, security, and growth to your small business.

When your books are under control, you'll:

- have financial clarity & peace of mind

- feel confident because you know your numbers

- be empowered to make timely business decisions

- make a bigger impact working ON your business instead of in your business

About The Founder

Kimberly Duong

About Kimberly Duong

Kimberly is the passionate owner of a virtual bookkeeping business based in Saugus, Massachusetts.

Kimberly is an introvert who finds solace and inspiration during her downtime. You'll often find her immersed in completing puzzles, where she enjoys the challenge of piecing together intricate designs and sharpening her problem-solving skills. Additionally, she finds great joy in pursuing creative outlets like paint-by-numbers and diamond painting kits. Other activities of joy include going on picturesque hikes, hosting game nights with family and friends, and cuddling with her three cats (Millie, Moe, & Minnie).

While Kimberly enjoys her moments of quiet reflection, her ambition and organization skills shine through every aspect of her work. Her achievement-driven mentality ensures that she consistently delivers exceptional results to her clients, becoming their dependable business cheerleader. By entrusting her with their bookkeeping needs, businesses gain the invaluable gift of financial clarity and peace of mind. Kimberly's attention to detail and unwavering commitment ensure that the intricate web of numbers is expertly managed, leaving her clients free to focus on what they do best-running and growing their businesses.

Kimberly Duong

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