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Hi there, I'm Amale.

I'm on a mission to help successful, ambitious, values driven founders and leaders make their next move count, without burning out along the way.

If you're at a crossroads, wondering "what's next!?", I can help you make your next move count. Be that a career move, starting your own biz, or scaling your existing biz to its next level of impact.

I offer:

- 1:1 Coaching: the ultimate level of tailored support, to help you navigate your leadership challenges, or make your next career or biz move on your own terms.

- Own your next move: a group programme to help you reconnect with who you are now, what matters to you most in the long run, and how to make your next move 100% aligned with that long term vision

- VIP Business Bootcamp: a 1:1 intensive business deep dive where we cover where you are now and unlock big growth opportunities for your biz. With ongoing support of course.

About The Founder

Amale Ghalbouni

Growth Consultant & Coach

About Amale Ghalbouni

I spent the last 15 years in strategy & innovation consulting. I've led big teams, and multi-million pounds transformational projects for super exciting global brands.

I also burned out twice (or was it three times?), and often felt that my work lacked meaning and impact.

So I left a big comfy 6-figure job to focus on building my coaching & consulting business. I'm on a mission to help others find the same freedom and purpose in their own lives & businesses.

I've helped over 50 clients 1:1 in the last year alone. Some of them have gone on to get big promotions or roles in companies they've always dreamt of.

And others took the leap and started + scaled their own service based businesses to find freedom + purpose in the work they now do.

And I'd love to help you achieve the same freedom + purpose, too!

Amale Ghalbouni


Working with Amale as my clarity coach was a truly transformative experience. She possesses exceptional skills and an unmatched ability to listen attentively. With her guidance, I gained clarity and made tough decisions that I would have never considered otherwise. Amale's support and understanding created a safe space for me to explore my thoughts and fears. Her unwavering commitment to my growth empowered me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new opportunities.


Creative Director
I worked with Amale to figure out next steps in my career. The most important outcome of our Clarity sessions was reframing what I wanted to accomplish with my decision and adjust my mindset and choice making accordingly. She’s kind, understanding, and engaged. She showed great wisdom where and when it was necessary to guide me but left most of the reflection, discovery and breakthrough to occur on my side.


Chief Technology Officer
Amale is an exceptional coach. She has the ability to create a safe and curious space where previously impossible solutions are able to present themselves. If you want to upgrade you business and life I highly recommend to work with Amale.


Business Owner
Amale gives me clarity by asking insightful questions that make me actually think about things I was avoiding or unaware of, and help me articulate my thoughts. She’s incredible at reflecting your own thoughts back to you in a way that just makes sense! I walk away after every session with new things to reflect on, and at least 1 clear action plan that we’ve come up with together, that I can do to overcome or improve on the current situation.


Designer Leader
When I started with Amale I was at a professional crossroads and had choice paralysis over my next move. Amale helped me distill all my ideas into clear goals and values, making the decision much clearer. She helped define a clear action plan for how to move forward that aligned to my personal and professional goals and was a calm guiding voice during a stressful period.


Strategy Director
Amale was a pleasure to speak to. Listened patiently, asked great questions and provided very clear feedback and suggestions that we can put into practice immediately when it comes to planning for the growth of our product.


Agency Managing Director

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