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Amara B Solutions

Are you a business owner that needs help organizing and prioritizing how to attack your next project? Are you unsure what to prioritize first? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the projects that need to be done? Amara B Solutions is your answer. Our goal is to provide you with clarity, ease, and sustainability for your business by learning your business, analyzing your project goals, and creating a detailed project plan for your project. Let us help you transform your business to the next level.

About The Founder

Amara Brown

Founder & CEO

About Amara Brown

Hey y’all. My name is Amara. I started my career as a Chemical Engineer, pivoted to education and entrepreneurship. Engineering taught me how to analyze the current situation, identify problem areas and develop sustainable solutions. As an educator, I learn how to present content to different audiences for optimal engagement. As an entrepreneur, I have learned the importance of systems and client experience. Amara B Solutions blends my love of people, processes, and entrepreneurship.

Amara Brown


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"Amara has totally transformed my business for the better. I came to her totally disorganized with tons of ideas about what I wanted to do but no idea how to do it. She treats my business as if it is her own. I knew I could completely trust her from day 1."

Shirin Eskandani

Personal Coach and Founder, Wholehearted Coaching
"Amara was instrumental in helping me manage my membership community. She had fresh, amazing ideas for content and engagement and was able to execute flawlessly. I can't recommend working with her enough!"

Lestraundra Alfred

Founder & Host, Balanced Black Girl Podcast

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