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About the Brand

Beary Sensitive Organic Skin Care

Beary Sensitive is a Black women-owned business that specializes in creating organic skincare products formulated in creating lasting skin hydration. At Beary Sensitive we believe in providing aromatic skin relief with organic natural ingredients for people with dry sensitive skin conditions.

All of our products are centered around the medicinal uses of essential oils and herbs. Using a combination of essential oils and herbs creates a natural experience for your body to absorb and helps heal dry skin.

About The Founder

Ayesha Murphy

Founder & Owner

About Ayesha Murphy

I’m a certified organic skincare formulator who creates products for those with sensitive skin and/or dry skin. Even if you don’t have a sensitive skin condition you will enjoy my products. By being an organic skincare formulator I believe in providing high-quality herb-based products without adding synthetics. Beary Sensitive products are also free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors and are never tested on animals.

Ayesha Murphy


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Cherry Turnover Mask: "Perfect texture, skin glows.Love the gel texture. Not too dry, not too wet.. Feels nice to the skin. My skins glows after rinsing off. I live in a hot state, so upon delivery to my porch this mask was nice and warm, smelt like cherry 🍒 pie 🥧. Yeeeeessss!"



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