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business with monica

Brand & Marketing strategist for conscious, product-based, ecommerce & retail business owners who want a clearer, more focused vision for their brand.

It starts with a core inner belief that will help you elevate your brand, and help you communicate & connect with your *real* audience. So that you can impact even more people’s lives with your products – and feel like you have control over your own. Whilst you stop spinning your wheels with messaging, content & ads don't convert.

For Makers and Curators who care about the 5 “P”s (Product, Purpose, People, Planet, & Profit).

About The Founder

Monica Sharma-Patnekar

Product-biz Marketing Mentor

About Monica Sharma-Patnekar

Your brand, marketing & growth strategist, mentor & coach. For conscious product, ecommerce & retail business owners.⁠⁠ Let’s transform your business to one that both you & your customers love.

I have a MSc. Business Administration, major marketing, with 18 years of experience:

+ I've worked with Fortune500 companies, across Brand Management, Strategy Consulting & Global Marketing.

+ I was hired by Google to coach their premium partners - 7-figure scale-ups (Tech, SaaS & Digital Agencies)

+ I work with large 8-9 figure conscious ecommerce scale-ups

+ I coach small business ecommerce, product & retail entrepreneurs. Some growing to their first 6-figures; others scaling to 7-figures.

Thanks to all this I bring in a diverse & inclusive perspective to the work I do. From having worked with big corporates, startups to small businesses, across regions & sectors, to my own very multicultural upbringing.

I'm Dutch by birth.⁠ Indian by heritage. Global by choice & education.⁠⁠⁠ A intuitive, creative & analytical thinker. A dancer.⁠ A chai-fanatic. Raised by a single mom, in a country that wasn't her own. And a mom of 2 girls.

Monica Sharma-Patnekar


Monica is my secret weapon! I found myself tripping over my words when trying to describe my brand. I had a sense that my web visitors just weren’t getting it. Working with her was such a lightbulb moment. I realised it wasn’t my customers not getting it, it was ME. I became so clear on how my brand benefits the customer & makes the world a better place. EVERYTHING became easier— messaging, product descriptions, content. I didn’t feel like I was selling anymore, I felt like I was HELPING.

Laurel Thompson

Founder Beya Made
OMG! Monica can drill down to the diamond nuggets. I thought I knew my USP, vision, customer, benefits. I was nowhere near them. I was working on some serious Hail Marys! After working with Monica I had my best month revenue ever. I'v been able to move forward in the way that works for me without jumping all over the place. Monica has a way of getting us to identify our secret sauce; sauce that is so secret we don’t even know we have it! I have certainly fallen back in love with my business.

Vanessa Vinos

Founder Luxuria Jewellery
Honestly I am so glad that I took that leap of faith and worked with you. It has been such an incredible personal journey for me to come to realise truly why Hind was started and why I show up every single day. Like you said, it’s about ‘slow growth’ and we believe that we are getting our stories and messaging out there. It’s straightforward and not confusing. Business has picked up a lot more since last year. Our lows this year were our highs of last year and I see that as progress.

Tasneem Roowala

Founder Hind
Working with Monica was like magic; the steps she outlines in the mentorship really work. Monica, the mentorship & resources are very specific to product biz. I received 1-on-1 intensive time and support that was specific to me and my business. Monica really invests herself in the people she works with. It was easy to open up to her on this level, and ended up being crucial for the final product. I now have an invaluable actionable plan and am more passionate about my brand, product & customers.

Clare Johnston

Founder Lila Clare
We often lose ourselves in the business along the way and just keep going. And forget why we decided to do this in the first place and what we really love about it. Why do I seem to be stuck at the same spot of growth for so long? Since I worked together with Monica, I feel more dedicated to my goal. I feel like I have a clearer vision of why I am doing what I am doing and know what steps to take and push to get there. I am so much more FOCUSED and have a GOAL now, that I know I want to REACH.

Heather Britton

Founder Brittons Bakery & Cakery

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