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About the Brand

CET Writes

Ready for messaging + copy that drives sales, aligns with your values, and gives your perfect people that "OMG, FINALLY" feeling? You're in the right place!

CET Writes is a one-woman copywriting studio built on the following ideals:

- Your messaging can be authentic, exciting, honest, and effective

- You can talk to people like they're people

- Your copy can (and should!) be an asset you feel excited to share everywhere. It can get you results, and it can be something your community feels great interacting with

About The Founder

Carly Eckerle-Turner

Founder + Copywriter

About Carly Eckerle-Turner

Helllloooo there! I’m Carly Eckerle-Turner:

Copywriter, Messaging Strategist, Devoted Dog Parent, and Diet Coke Connoisseur.

Since 2018, I’ve been crafting colorful, care-infused sales copy for smart, conscientious service providers, strategists, educators, coaches, community builders, therapists, and creators of all-around good stuff.

And the decade before that? Well, I built a whole career in the hospitality and events space, which means I know a thing or two about adept communication, minding budgets, anticipating needs, getting butts in seats, creating amazing experiences, and doing it all with great care.

Carly Eckerle-Turner

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