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About the Brand

Coco Beans

Coco Beans delivers the magic to bedtime. We source the world's softest, most innovative fabrics to create "icky-free" and whimsical bedding and sleepwear. Our hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, breathable, tangle-reducing fabrics are revolutionizing bedtime leading to more peaceful nights of rest and sweet dreams.

About The Founder

Jill Apgar


About Jill Apgar

Jill Apgar grew up in New Jersey and studied economics and finance at Cornell University. She then moved to Columbus, OH where she led merchant teams at Abercrombie & Fitch and Victoria’s Secret PINK gaining over a decade of experience in product development, global sourcing and brand building. In 2018, Jill and her husband adopted their daughter, Cora who became the inspiration for the Coco Beans brand.

Jill Apgar


"Best sheet! I absolutely adore this sheet. It’s super high quality and feels amazing. Can’t wait to get more for my little babe!"


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