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About the Brand

Creative Human

Our mission is to help small business owners simplify their day-to-day operations and mindset by creating a business that provides them financial freedom and a life with purpose and joy.”

At an early age, we’re told to pick one career path, one aspiration or one vision for our future. Knowing how many gifts and talents one person is born with and how these develop throughout life, I believe that people shouldn’t be limited to just one dream. This core belief is how Creative Human was born. My purpose is to disrupt the traditional way of thinking and promote the belief that we are all creative, ever-evolving humans. Imagine a world where we can celebrate uniqueness, self-worth and ultimately embrace how it brings humans together.

About The Founder

Vanessa Farino

Founder & CEO

About Vanessa Farino

I am a Massachusetts resident, a public speaker, community leader, business strategist, corporate professional, and an award-winning multi-passionate entrepreneur named by Boston Business Journal “40 under 40”, El Mundo Boston “30 under 30”.

I have been recently featured in the documentary called "Still Working 9 to 5" based on the movie "Working 9 to 5" which will be airing in late 2021.

I started my first company at age 15 and have held a successful corporate career working directly with C-level executives in Boston at technology companies for over a decade.

Vanessa Farino


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"Vanessa is my secret weapon, hype-woman, and an invaluable person to have in your corner. I cannot recommend working with her enough!"

Monica F.

"Vanessa knows how to facilitate these discussions and encourages us to think outside the box and challenge ourselves to be better no matter what the circumstance. This mastermind group is highly recommended.”

Sylvia S.

"Vanessa was instrumental in helping with the transition from stylist to the salon owner. Her knowledge of the most current business market is alone reason enough to collaborate with her."

Lesley D.

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