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About the Brand

Delgado Creative Group

We launched at a time when the entire world went digital. Trends & digital platforms emerged and thus consumer behaviors and priorities changed.

Now more than ever, our clients count on us to be new every day. Our clients rely on our experiences and expertise in dealing with constant transformation with ease and resiliency. We help them develop and maintain their digital presence, capture their target audience, and allow them space to focus on their business while we handle all things digital.

About The Founder

Pamela Delgado

Founder & CEO

About Pamela Delgado

Pamela is a creative entrepreneur & the CEO of Delgado Creative Group, mom of 2, and an avid adventure seeker. She founded Delgado Creative Group with the intention to level up brands digital footprint. She is a wildly determined, goal-getter with over 12 years of experience in sales, e-commerce, marketing, web development, and account management.

She has a passion for working with businesses to help them get clear on their marketing strategy, tell their unique stories, and grow their platforms.

Pamela Delgado


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"I used to spend countless hours trying to figure out how & what to post on my social media. DCG has done an amazing job at understanding my brand, making my voice more transparent & cohesive."

Samantha Moise

Founder of La Parea Wellness
I needed help on my website and my social media. Right away DCG knew what direction I want us to go in. They understand the customer we are trying to attract & I couldn't recommend DCG enough."

Isabel Amigon

Founder & CEO of Sololi

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