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About the Brand

Digital Obbligato

Many entrepreneurs struggle to turn their expertise into an income without feeling overwhelmed. At Digital Obbligato, we use impactful marketing and launch strategies to help people monetize their expertise and turn their passions into a business.

About The Founder

Audrey Saccone

Founder & CEO

About Audrey Saccone

Audrey Saccone is the founder of Digital Obbligato, which helps entrepreneurs develop marketing and launch strategies for their digital offerings.

Following 5.5 years in the non-profit sector, Audrey moved into the online marketing space, where she's worked for major players like Marie Forleo and Sophia Amoruso. She takes tried-and-true methods coupled with a healthy dose of resourcefulness to help entrepreneurs find success with tools and strategies that work and are the most authentic to them.

Audrey Saccone


"Working with Audrey gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with my launch. Besides using GENIUS strategies that are unique to my ideas, she is the mindset piece of my launch that I was missing to cross the finish line. The gal oozes validation!"

Karsen Murray

Founder of Hypegal

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