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About the Brand

Dirt & Dog Hair

Dirt and Dog Hair uses sustainably sourced materials that have a low impact on our earth, from when they’re produced to after your dog has loved them to pieces. In addition to being eco-friendly, we're vegan-friendly as well! This means we don’t use any materials containing animal products like wool, leather, or even inks and dyes with animal by-products in them. Love for every animal is one of our core values and why we’ve worked to put together a thoughtful line for you and your dog to enjoy.

About The Founder

Elizabeth McGrath

Founder & Designer

About Elizabeth McGrath

Elizabeth launched her brand, Dirt & Dog Hair, alongside her dog and co-ceo Bella, in 2021 to give dog parents a more eco-friendly option to spoil their dog with! Prior to creating Dirt & Dog Hair, she worked as a designer in the commercial pet industry where she experienced firsthand the amount of waste and environmental damage our dogs’ toys can create. By working to grow Dirt & Dog Hair, she hopes to raise the bar for the materials and production methods used within the pet industry.

Elizabeth McGrath


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