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Divine Bath Intention

Divine Bath Intention products are designed with the utmost simple yet finest ingredients. They are mixed with an abundance of love and positive energy. An intention is a self-guiding way for how you want to be, live, and show up in the world. We promote being intentional, manifesting, and making magic in the tub. Our handmade home decor and candles are also made to be unique and environmentally friendly. We also sell spiritual tools to help set the mood while cleansing.

About The Founder

Yequarah Conner

Founder & Owner

About Yequarah Conner

I'm a new business owner and a one women show, born and raised in NYC. I always wanted to have my own business and never knew where to start. I was inspired to start something that I wouldn’t get tired of which is DIY projects and making my own products. I wanted to share my ideas and creativity with other people who enjoyed it as well while being intentional. DBI was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic and we just celebrated 1 year of being in business in October.

Yequarah Conner


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"I haven’t used this milk bath in a tub yet but I did do a hand soak to help with my eczema. I had a flare up on my hands and I soaked it in this bath for about 15 minutes. My flare has been disappearing ever since and I have no irritation. I highly recommend!"
"I got the silhouette a month ago and I’ve been in love with the arrangement. I had it next to two other women bodies to encourage me to love my body. I would definitely recommend for your room if you love floral arrangements."
"This was my first time trying any bath salt and I was not disappointed AT ALL! I LOVED IT! My skin felt amazing after soaking in this and the scent was incredible. The seller puts a lot of effort into these too and you can just tell by how it's not just bath salts but she puts in flower petals to make sure you have a relaxing bath! Will definitely be buying more!!"

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