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Don't Sass Me Soy

Courtney started her business after buying candle after candle that didn’t smell once lit, didn’t burn smoothly down the jar, and most importantly turned the air filters black.

Enter Don’t Sass Me Soy: Hand-poured, 100% pure soy wax candles with strong scents, a slow burn, and sometimes witty names. All of these candles are vegan, non-toxic, cool, awesome, fun, and good. Poured in recyclable glass jars and packed with the earth in mind. Courtney has never had to buy one packing peanut.

About The Founder

Courtney McCarthy


About Courtney McCarthy

Courtney has a bachelors in visual communications and 10 years of in-house design experience. After that long- realizing that life in a cube didn’t work for her- she set off to do something she’s always wanted: brand something herself. She started her home-based company on the side and took the plunge to be her own full time boss.

Courtney McCarthy


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Awesome quality, cute packaging, smells like fall! Have since purchased multiple candles from this seller as well as custom baby shower favors!


Brisk Walk Candle
I don’t know how else to describe this other than it’ll make you want to eat fruit loops, but then when you eat the cereal you’ll realize it’s not as satisfy...


Fruit Loop Candle
A very accurate smelling candle. This shop has so many good scents and continues to put out new scents to keep her customers on their toes!


Cake Cake Cake Candle
Hint of citrus, hint of herb. The only candle I can stand. This is my third one. Will continue to buy as long as she makes this scent


Citrus Herb Candle
I love the smell of this candle, vanilla and peppermint, it’s delightful for the holidays! My favorite part is the red and white stripe, it’s adorable — Love the thought that goes into your candles!


Candy Cane Candle

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