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About the Brand

eddys brand

eddys was founded with the idea to make necessary things without making unnecessary waste. In searching for the ideal fiber to make our garments, we realized that the ideal fibers are the ones that already exist, the ones which have already been grown, dyed, knit up, and most importantly, already loved.

Our outfits are made with yarn from second-hand sweaters that are rescued from landfill. They are unraveled, washed, and re-knit into our adorable durable items.

About The Founder

Carla Farina


About Carla Farina

I'm a passionate student of sustainability. I've loved clothes and playing dress-up since forever. I was fortunate to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology and have a career in the fashion industry which took me all over the US and around the world. It also showed me the real fashion industry and opened my eyes to the giant sustainability and ethical problems which I didn't want to be a part of. Creating a brand that is part of the solution is my why.

Carla Farina



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"Eddys brand is the ONLY pair of pants we have that doesn't have holes from her rolling around and being a kid. I highly recommend this brand! The material is soft and has not worn out at all after many washes! Worth every penny!"


Mom of 2 active kids
"The quality of the clothing is exceptional, and I’m sure it will last a long time. More importantly, the customer service I received (after mistakingly ordering the wrong size) was prompt and understanding. I will be ordering more in the future!"


Gift Giver
"What a wonderful concept!!"


Toddler Mom

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