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emo candles

emo candles are hand-poured, small batch soy wax candles made and packaged with sustainability in mind. The name emo has two meanings; an old nickname and each candle represents an emotion—emo for short. Each candle is made with oils tied to different emotions giving you scents for all the feels.

About The Founder

Erin Morrison


About Erin Morrison

Erin has always loved candles. How they smell, how they look, and how they make a room feel sophisticated and cozy. She first gave candle making a shot in November 2019. She started making candles in her kitchen with a basic set of tools and a few fragrance oils. She instantly fell in love. The entire process made her feel like a kid on Christmas. From nailing that perfect fragrance combo to pouring and testing each candle—she was hooked.

Scent is a powerful thing. It can recreate memories or even elicit emotions. This is what Erin wants to share with others through emo candles. Each candle is carefully crafted with fragrance oils to represent different emotions and feelings, and aptly named with a sense of humor.

Erin Morrison


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