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About the Brand

Fempower Beauty

Fempower Beauty is an affirming, self-care makeup brand focused on partnerships with aligned educator/activist creators and building beauty experiences. We are impact-driven queer partners in business and in life-changing the narrative of beauty standards for the purpose-driven millennial and gen z customer.

About The Founder

Alexis Androulakis


About Alexis Androulakis

Alexis has been using makeup as a modality of healing for over 20 years. Make-up has always served as a language for Alexis, and decades later still remains her favorite mode of expression. She wants to use this language to transform the way people talk and feel about themselves. To transform the way people interact with beauty products and services.

Alexis Androulakis


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"I just received my Lilith Lipstick & I love (!) it. I probably own 50 different red lipsticks & this has moved right up to the top of my faves. It's really comfortable & creamy for a matte. I've had it for 6 hours & it hasn't budged or required a touch up. #lovelilithlipstick"


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