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About the Brand


Hi, we are Fenomenal. Nice to meet you!

We are a comprehensive CPG branding studio. We launch, activate and amplify CPG brands and businesses.

Fenomenal is led by Susanne and Lindsay, who bring 30+ years of experience, dedication and passion to every partnership. And we like to do things differently.

We’re not an agency as you know it. We came from the agency-world. And as female-founders, we know there needs to be more women-owned design agencies in the world.

So, we set out to disrupt our industry. As entrepreneurs, we know that there’s another way to launch and grow amazing brands. Not all innovators have corporate timelines, resources and budgets. So we lean in a lot. And roll up our sleeves. We’re scrappy. Yet polished and striving for perfection with every project.

We partner with CPG entrepreneurs and innovation teams who are disrupting categories and connecting with their perfect customers through smart and strategic branding and marketing.

About The Founder

Lindsay Petschauer


About Lindsay Petschauer

Hi, I’m Lindsay! As head of design, I’ve spent my career focused on building and supporting brands in the CPG food and beverage space.

As a native New Yorker, exploring the city around me has always fueled my curiosity for connecting people through design. It wasn’t until I began exploring the world through travel, that this same curiosity led me to form more meaningful cultural connections, exchange ideas and inspire creativity from the outside in. I believe good design is rooted in empathy and pushes the boundaries on what’s in front of us.

With a degree in packaging design, passion for food and new cultural experiences, my worlds come together to help keep brands fresh and create purposeful consumer connections.

At Fenomenal, our purpose is creating brands and products that have a positive impact on our world. We have a sweet spot for food + beverage and health + wellness innovation. We design and launch brand experiences that excite and connect with consumers.

Lindsay Petschauer

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