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f.y.b jewelry

Our pieces are designed with semi-precious stones, 18k gold plated & sterling silver nickel-free pieces, and sentimental packaging — meant to inspire women at any stage of life. Whether a personal reminder to “keep aiming” for her goals or a fun bracelet set for a mother and daughter to share and feel connected by, empowering women to follow their bliss is the heart and soul of our brand.

About The Founder

Alyssa Kuchta

Founder & CEO

About Alyssa Kuchta

Alyssa Kuchta is a Jewelry Entrepreneur & Author of the upcoming book, “Follow your Bliss”, with Quarto Publishing. Alyssa started f.y.b in 2011 when she was a senior in college. Under her leadership, f.y.b has grown to encompass a network of nationwide retail partners, hundreds of brand ambassadors, and a thriving mentorship program. Her work has been featured in international publications including Elle, Glamour, Nylon, Huffington Post, and more.

Alyssa Kuchta


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