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About the Brand

Gentleman Farmer

Gentleman Farmer is a modern men's grooming company, on a mission to create clean, sustainable and sophisticated products. Our reason to exist is to help make our community and our world a little bit better. We are committed to mindful ingredient sourcing, responsible packaging with minimal plastic, empowering women and giving back as much as possible.

About The Founder

Maude Burns

Founder and CEO

About Maude Burns

Gentleman Farmer was started by Maude, a veteran of the luxury skincare industry. After a decade of living and working in New York City, she moved upstate with the intention of switching gears, possibly working for a nonprofit or a hospitality group. But then she saw an opportunity to create a line of clean, natural skincare and grooming products that would appeal to men like her husband, all while being as sustainable as possible.

Maude Burns


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"Less a review... ...and more a big old heartfelt "Thank You" to my new friends at Gentleman Farmer. 5-star product with personalized customer service that ranks second to none. Is there a more convincing review than my order for five more units? If you're on the fence, take the plunge. You won't be disappointed."

Joseph R.

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