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About the Brand

Gwen Beloti Collection

Your golden style staples for every day that aren't just high quality and stylish but size-inclusive. Gwen Beloti designs are the perfect balance between minimalism and subtle statement.

“Through golden hues, our mission is to inspire the looks and mood of women, daily." - Gwen

Shop an assortment of timeless designs that you can mix and match, stack, and layer, to maximize your wardrobe.

Our styles are available in various sizes and lengths.

We invite all golden beauties to wear their Gwen Beloti jewelry with confidence.

About The Founder

Gwen Beloti

Founder / CEO

About Gwen Beloti

"I design because of my love for expression and opportunity. Through golden hues our mission is to inspire the looks and mood of women, daily." - Gwen Beloti

My name is Gwen Beloti, I am the founder of Gwen Beloti Collection, a women’s gold jewelry company. I fell in love with accessorizing at a young age, and have collected and revered jewelry for as long as I can remember. It was my go-to when shopping for apparel wasn't as fun due to fit issues with my weight often fluctuating. As a result of my struggles with clothing, I fell madly in love with jewelry.

Starting my jewelry line was one of the best decisions that I've made. I get to serve women who are looking for what I was, quality and stylish jewelry for everyday wear that is accessible and inclusive. In 2019 we launched our first complete Gwen Beloti jewelry collection. Today we carry an assortment of golden jewels that are the perfect balance of minimalism and subtle statement. Our styles are offered in a range of sizes and lengths. Taking into account my personal issues with fit, it’s important for us to be size inclusive and to celebrate all golden beauties.

I aim to not just make a beautiful product but to build community both in and outside of the brand.

Gwen Beloti


"I own a couple of your different cuffs and love the fit and style. I love that the cuff is slightly adjustable and they can fit bigger wrists. I look forward to adding more to my stack.


"Beautiful necklace. My girlfriend loved it! Reminded her of our trip to Paris. Simple and elegant piece."


"Gwen was excellent from beginning to end in communication, customer service and in providing a fine quality product."


"I met Gwen at an event years back and her products are quality and always come with such care & uniqueness. I can tell from her packaging and special touches that she cares for me as a customer! Will forever support!"


"I looked and looked for high quality affordable gold hoops. Gwen Beloti had them!"


"I really love working with the Gwen Beloti brand. I enjoy what I'm doing."



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