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hamam mama

We start with handwoven Turkish towels, sourced directly from some of the few remaining artisan weavers in Turkey still doing things the 'old fashioned way'.

While most 'turkish towels' on the market today are actually mass-produced on machines, sometimes not even in Turkey, ours are the real deal, and are woven with only the finest Turkish cotton.

Our towels are then designed, cut + sewn into the finished product in Colorado - by independent seamstresses + moms, working out of their own homes.

It's a slow process, and truly a labor of love from start to finish - but as with most things in life, the end result makes it absolutely worth it.

About The Founder

Elizabeth Drumm

mother + founder

About Elizabeth Drumm

I am half Turkish, and one day I had the idea to make a cover out of a flatwoven 'hamam' towel. I tried it out when nursing my second son, and found it made things so much easier that I had to share it with other moms. More than just a product, I was excited by the idea of being able to play even a small role in supporting women in their transition into motherhood - and with that intention fueling me, hamam mama was born.

Elizabeth Drumm


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