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About the Brand

Her Inc

Buy One, Give One Period Panty Company. For every period panty we sell, we give a feminine hygiene kit and hygiene education to a young girl who lacks access to both.

About The Founder

Rachel Skoog & Leslie Godwin

Co-Founder and CEO

About Rachel Skoog & Leslie Godwin

Co-Founder Rachel Skoog has served at risk women around the world for over 20 years. She has brought feminine hygiene training, safety from trafficking, and entrepreneurial training to thousands of women. She is a proud mother of 3 and wife of 20 years to her husband Ryan.

Co-Founder Leslie Godwin managed large teams for worldwide brands like Nestle, Kellogg, and Chobani before launching he own boutique retail firm, The Godwin Retail Group. She is mother of 3 and a wife to her husband Brad.

Rachel Skoog & Leslie Godwin



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I am so thankful for these panties. My cycle this month is so heavy and these panties are a True Game Changer. They fit completely comfortably. No leaks. No embarrassment. I don’t have to constantly walk by mirrors in the stores to make sure I don’t have any stains behind me. Thank you again for everything. I am so grateful for these. THANK YOU 🥰🥰🥰


I love Her panties and have been sharing with many others! They work well at absorbing properly, and are very comfortable to wear. I have other brands of period panties and these are by far the softest.


These panties are SO soft and comfortable. I really wish I had these for postpartum life! And, I feel great supporting a company that lifts up women around the world. I plan to purchase some in smaller sizes for my daughter.


Her. period panties passed my number one concern - the comfort test! They did not irritate in any way throughout the day and provided complete coverage even with a heavy flow. In addition, these panties are ideal for my new-to-period-life daughter. A true gift to make all the period things a non-issue. To know these panties are also benefitting women in need is just a bonus to an already amazing purchase!


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