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About the Brand

HerTLC Skincare

Organic Small Batch-Sustainable Packaging

HerTLC Skincare is an all natural cosmetic line with products that are made with 100% organic ingredients and no preservatives or yucky stuff you can't pronounce!

You will find a full list of our organic ingredients on our website as we strive to have full transparency with our customers!

All of our skincare is also made in small batches to ensure the highest quality!

Our line is made with tender, loving, care, with you in mind! We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed making them for you!

Have a baby shower, bridal shower, or upcoming event where you want to personalize your products, scents, and labels?

Look no future because you can get that with HerTLC Skincare! Email hertlcskincare@gmail.com for inquiries.

About The Founder

Leah Rosario


About Leah Rosario

Leah Rosario is the founder and owner of HerTLC Skincare. Her natural curiosity for questioning the ingredients listed on the labels of skincare products had her venture into pursuing a license in aesthetics then ultimately building her natural skincare line. As a licensed Illinois Esthetician, Leah knows the importance of using the highest quality products on her clients and therefore, developed her skincare line to reflect her philosophy of truly being tender, loving, and caring to one's skin.

Leah Rosario


My skin has been flawless ever since I’ve started used HerTLC Skincare products. I have naturally dry skin, But thanks to Leah, it has become very smooth and radiant. I would recommend for every skin type and will definitely continue to purchase for my everyday needs.


I absolutely love all of HerTLC Skincare products! The prices are affordable, and the quality is excellent. My favorite product is the body butter. It makes my skin feel and looks so smooth. The texture of the body butter is better than any other body cream I’ve used in the past.


Where do I start? I’m huge on body scrubs and body butters! HerTLC Skincare products literally leave your skin so smooth and the fragrance is light but sticks to your skin and smells phenomenal! I Purchased the strawberry coco and I’m obsessed! The best part about it is that she delivers or ships if you can’t pick up, how convenient! I’m extremely happy with my purchase and look forward to buying more!


I absolutely love HerTLC body products. I have seen a huge difference in my skin just after one use with her salt scrub and body butter. The scrub isn’t super abrasive like other exfoliations and the body butter is just right, not to make your skin super oily or heavy like regular lotions. I will definitely be buying these products again and I can’t wait to try the other scents!!!!


I’m a skin care enthusiast, so I’m always very skeptical and critical of the ingredients and any product claiming to soften my skin, because the goal is for my skin to not only feel good but to become healthier overall. That’s why I love HerTLC Skincare products! The products are handmade with no chemical additives, and they quench my skin’s thirst!! The Salt Scrub sloths off my dead skin in a nonabrasive/nonirritating manner, so the body butter can go in and REPAIR my dead skin. Perfect for the


The quality and scents of these products are outstanding. Every time I wear anything from HerTLC Skincare, I feel that it does the best in terms of nourishing my skin and making it feel so good. And I love that it’s all natural! They have literally been my go to as of late.



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