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About the Brand

Honey Babe Clothing

Honey Babe is a mama-owned baby and children’s clothing company offering those necessary basics, elevated. Honey Babe’s products are made of sustainable, premium organic bamboo and organic cotton fabrics.

At Honey Babe, we believe that sustainability is of the highest importance and baby clothes should complement your little one’s style, not compete with it. Honey Babe was born from a realization that from department stores to small boutiques, baby clothing is mass-produced with limited options, busy patterns, and bright colors that tend to contrast and overpower the soft features and beautiful skin tones they are meant to complement. This lack of soft and uncomplicated colors and clothing options constructed from premium and sustainable materials is what drove the founders of Honey Babe to design and launch a line of baby clothing that compliments and swaddles children in comfortable, sustainable, and functional clothing options.

Honey Babe clothing is carefully designed with the highest attention to detail and functionality and is proudly made in the USA.

About The Founder

Heather Volosin

Founder & Owner

About Heather Volosin

Heather Volosin is a devoted and hard-working mama and entrepreneur. With a passion for life, children, and our beautiful planet, Heather’s mission through Honey Babe is to create and promote attractive, comfortable, and sustainable children’s clothing. Heather refuses to conform to the mass production and standardization of children’s apparel, which does not meet the functional or complementary needs that children deserve.

Through Honey Babe, she is determined to revive a personal touch in producing high-quality children’s clothing by incorporating only the softest and most sustainable materials in her creations. Honesty, sustainability, and integrity are a few of the core driving characteristics of this young entrepreneur’s vision. Her goal is to continue to be a positive influence to her own baby girl, to all the women around her, and to the planet.

Heather Volosin


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