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i am my own design

Self love is so personal and is different journey for everyone

For some, it's a pretty crystal (consciously sourced) to be by your side all day.

For others it's journaling, receiving reiki, meditating and relaxing with some tea or all of the above!

No matter your path, our goal is to harmonize with your vision and aid you in Designing your healing journey.

Reminder: you, and your healing, journey are multi-faceted. No two are the same nor are they linear.

Favorite mantra: i am my own design 🤍

About The Founder

Elena Whitebay-Fram

Owner & Founder

About Elena Whitebay-Fram

Finding herself in her own Latinidad by making products that connect Source with the mind, body y alma (and soul)

Providing self-wellness services such as tarot to find your path, reiki energy healing to be partnered with crystal jewelry, and organic herbal teas.

reminder: you are of your own design 🤍

Elena Whitebay-Fram

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