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Lisa May & Co

Transforming women-owned businesses through commercial, creative + analytical solutions.

Lisa May guides, empowers, and educates product-based retailers to thrive in an ever-evolving market, developing and implementing tailor-made strategies for customer service, brand management, product, marketing, strategy, and operations. Lisa May & Co can help to define your capabilities and reach that forward-thinking future vision for your business

About The Founder

Lisa May

Retail Strategist

About Lisa May

Pulling on a wealth of knowledge and almost 20 years of experience, Lisa May supports retailers to stay relevant and own their space while building sustainable, manageable, and successful businesses. Retail is an ever-changing and powerful industry; with a background of working within small founder start-ups and multi-channel billion-dollar organisations, she has the know-how and skills to lead you through the overwhelming journey through retail and e-commerce.

Lisa May


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"A direct result of working with Lisa is the noticeable increase in my online sales, which is amazing!! I am sure this is down to the way I now market my business & plan my launches. Thank you so much, Lisa".


Founder of OliveTreeHome
"Lisa is so knowledgeable in all areas of retail, the customer journey and how to properly serve your customer. My business has gone from "having a go" - to something incredibly professional just by implementing simple achievable strategies and processes.”


Flore House
"It’s like having a one-to-one strategist on the team & that is something that most businesses don’t have or don’t think that they can have/afford. The help and direction will set those businesses apart in a competitive and difficult market”


Lisa I’ve been meaning to text you all day just to say how fantastic the 1:1 was last night!!! Opened my eyes. . .I expected to feel overwhelmed but I feel calm and as though you have given me focus.”

Lorna Gibert

Lorna Gilbert Ceramics

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