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Inspired Journey Consulting

Inspired Journey Consulting uses the perfect harmony of mental wellness practices, Positive Intelligence, and Human Design to help individuals shine in their brilliance and amplify their authentic voice. Through mindset coaching, speaking, and facilitating workshops, IJC supports change in our inner and outer worlds. Our vision is to enhance cultural wellness in the workplace, grow emotional intelligence, healing, and self-love for a kinder, more inclusive world.

About The Founder

Jackie Roby

Founder and CEO

About Jackie Roby

Jackie Roby is a Latina, mindset coach, and speaker helping people who have been abused shift from self-doubt to self-empowerment. Working through a lens of inclusion, she aims to highlight marginalized voices and create change within. Jackie is an international speaker, host of the podcast Through Inspired Eyes, Chair of the Global Wellness Institute's Diversity Equity Inclusion Initiative, co-author of the best-selling book "The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business," and is featured in Aspioneer as a "Trailblazer Woman Leader," one of just 12 women selected from across the globe.

Jackie Roby



Free Breakthrough Session

30-minute coaching to shift self-doubt


I am the happiest I have ever been in my short 51 years. People are noticing my constant smile and curiosity. I definitely plan on continuing that trend! I can not thank you enough! You have helped me achieve a level of calm I never thought possible!

Sabrina Hoffman

Treasure Hunter
Jackie's poise and compassion creates a great environment to explore my own gifts and value. Each session allows to me gain more insight and perspective.

Michele Delgado

Owner of Hart Metrics
Coaching with Jackie got me to take immediate action on something I had been pondering on (restructuring my rates), and publicize them (creating a services and pricing guide). I was probably wallowing on these things for about 4 months and was so motivated after our session that I just got it done. Highly recommend her coaching services!

Rita Perez

Owner of Take the Helm
My Human Design Reading with Jackie was eye opening to say the least! As she talked about my "type" I kept shaking my head in agreement, feeling seen and understood. Not only did I learn about how my unique chart effects how I move in the world, but Jackie took it even further. She helped me get in touch with my intuition, strategized with me to apply all this new information to my business, and even gave me some guidance with practices to incorporate into my daily life that truly resonate.

Tina Arroyo

Owner of Spectacle Society Detroit
If I had it my way, everyone would attend Jackie's talks and benefit from the perspectives she has to offer. If they did, I can say with total confidence that this world would be a better place. Keep shining, Jackie! The industry and the world need more people like you.

Krissy Fernandes

Social Media Manager
Jackie is an expert storyteller and master speaker and she knows how to deliver a message with passion, warmth, and just the right amount of vulnerability to connect with audiences on a deeper level. I highly recommend hiring Jackie to speak at your next event. Your audience will walk away wowed and inspired!

Diane Diaz

Speaking Coach at Speaking Your Brand

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