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IrieVeda creates mindful spice blends that help you experience "Yoga in the Kitchen". The secret to a great life is finding balance in everything you do, especially while enjoying seasonal local foods and spices that benefit your health.

You can always count on us to provide spice blends that are top 12 allergen friendly, gluten free, FODMAP safe (onion/garlic free), salt/sugar free and organic."

About The Founder

Tashelle Darby


About Tashelle Darby

As the founder of IrieVeda, Tashelle Darby-Wong is an entrepreneur, life and health coach, wife, mom, and a lover of being hands-on in the kitchen. But her son's food allergies posed a challenge in questioning even the smallest of ingredients in food. This prompted her to share "Yoga in the Kitchen", through the use of her curated spice blends. IrieVeda is a blend of Positive ('Irie'- Jamaican) Knowledge ('Veda'-Indian) that reminds us to be mindful of what we eat and how it makes us feel.

Tashelle Darby



My boyfriend is a spice connoisseur, so when I came across this collection I had to get it for him. But I have to admit, we were both blown away. We finally have spices that we can enjoy together that are flavorful and fresh.

Brittany S.

Truly the best flavors in this bundle. I am enjoying trying new recipes and love that they are safe to share with others.

Veronica J.

This purchase was a five star experience. The flavorful spices, packaging, shipping and customer service were all perfectly fine tuned.

Farah Z.


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