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Ishq Skincare

Ishq provides organic, non-toxic, & phthalate-free skin & hair care products. Ishq is rooted in the ancient values of Sarah’s family. These values are practiced by Indigenous people all over the world-buying local, eating food that’s in season, rotating your skincare with the change in seasons, making sure people growing & making your goods are being paid a fair living wage. It is this combination of ancestral recipes & pure ingredients that make your Ishq Skincare & Haircare products magical.

About The Founder

Sarah Zareen

Founder & CEO

About Sarah Zareen

Our Founder & CEO, Sarah Zareen, comes from a long line of healers in Southern India. One half of the family have been gifted "yunani" (greek medicine) healers and the other half were renowned Sufis-spiritual advisors to kings, and spiritual guides to the people who became their disciples. Sarah has grown up absorbing the wisdom from both branches that were passed on, in little and big ways. It is this healing that she shares with you through Ishq.

Sarah Zareen



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