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Kwohtations is a collection of greeting cards and gifts that celebrate a diversity of identities and life experiences, always with empathy and humor. All products are designed by owner Janine Kwoh, who draws from her own truths about navigating love and loss, redefining family and success, and figuring out what it means to show up for herself and others. Her hope is always that others will recognize some of themselves in what she creates and feel a bit more seen, more connected, and less alone.

About The Founder

Janine Kwoh

Owner & Designer

About Janine Kwoh

I am proudly an Asian woman, a self-taught artist, an introvert, an old soul, a potato chip lover and dumpling connoisseur, an insatiable people-watcher, a loyal friend and partner, and a solopreneur. I started making greeting cards as a way to reflect on and honor the lives we actually lead, versus the ones we think we should. My goal is to create products that encourage us to embrace the diversity, complexity, and kinship in our lived experiences.

Janine Kwoh



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"Omg! Omg! Fabulous! Just the ultimate card for a multitude of things!! Thank you for your sense of compassion and your sense of humor!!"


"The best stickers, hands-down. I love sprinkling these throughout my planner! Super high quality, and I love that they're transparent. Thank you!"


"Printed on heavy cardstock, I actually have [the card] standing on a wooden base. The message is truth and at the same time makes me snort-laugh when my eyes land on it. Packed with care and love."


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