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About the Brand

Lacson Ravello

Lacson Ravello is a small-capsule clothing brand that is thoughtful in every aspect of our business. From our local design and production, to our responsibly-sourced materials, to our timeless fit and styles, we are mindful makers.

Our clothing assures women that there is a brand that fits their bodies and their lifestyle. When they can often feel lost in a sea of fast fashion choices, we exist to make women feel seen, empowered, and confident.

About The Founder

Kristina McConnico


About Kristina McConnico

Kristina Lacson McConnico launched Lacson Ravello in 2015 after two decades of working in the fashion industry. She always had it in her mind to start her own company, but it wasn't until after she received a breast cancer diagnosis that she found the courage to take the big step. Her "you only live once mentality" has given her much joy and inspiration.

In her sunny home studio in Oakland, California, Kristina develops her "laid back yet polished" designs while keeping production nearby.

Kristina McConnico



As a mom of three, I'm always searching for pieces that are no fuss, look amazingly put together and stand the test of time.

Valerie P.

I love the Lacson Ravello brand because it is ethical, local and female owned.

Ali Dunn

Executive & Empowerment Coach
We like to say 'tout terrain' it can be worn EVERYWHERE!

Marieke van der Poel

Creative Foresight Strategist

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