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About the Brand

Lekuna Intimate

Lekūna’s mission is simple: to provide comfort for beautiful bodies, which are all bodies. Our founder, Bree values sustainability throughout the entire process and ensures we are not overproducing, yet still providing folks with safe and beautiful intimate wear. All of Lekūna garments are created by small women-led teams in Bali & Los Angeles with fibers like bamboo, organic cotton, and deadstock fabrics, all of which are safe options for your intimate parts + safer for the planet.

About The Founder

Bree Lauren


About Bree Lauren

Bree is a queer designer, artist, reproductive advocate, and environmental feminist. She would never have predicted to own and run her own brand, let alone a foot in the fashion industry. However, after her studies and work as a Doula, yoga teacher and Mayan Abdominal Massage Therapist her path led her to more than touching, healing, and working with the female body. Creating eco-lux intimate wear has not just become her business, but her passion.

Bree Lauren



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"I'm sooooo in love with these undies! Like many, I suffer from menstrual cramping accompanied by lower back pain. But with my most recent period the warm herbal pouch was a game changer. The smell alone is therapeutic and the heat radiates ease throughout the entire area. Such a wonderful product! Thank you Lekuna!!! 💕"

Amber Lux Archer

Dancer & Movement Artist
"As someone with an ample bosom I am often doubtful that a top without a more traditional shape can hold my chest. This bralette has enough support to offer my cozy days the exact amount of support that I am looking for."


Holistic Skincare Specialist
"As an athlete, I am constantly looking for the right intimate that will keep me feeling fresh and lightweight throughout the day, and the Saguaro thong does just that! If it were up to me, if you'd open any dictionary right now and look up the word "breathable", right next to the definition should be a picture of this holy grail thong. Unbelievably soft, and I plan to buy again!"

Justine Gotico

Athlete & Scholar

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