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It all started back in 2018, where I was just selling candles as a side-gig to supplement some income in the summertime. This went on until 2019, during my senior year in college. Under a different name, I felt pretty boxed into doing only one thing, knowing that I could potentially do something greater with my talents. I wanted to pay homage to my spiritual roots from Haiti while finding a space to dedicate my love for art and creativity. Spirituality a big part of my upbringing as a Haitian woman and I wanted to create something to honor those roots.

After many months of trials and tribulations of rewriting different names, LUNASCENCE suddenly came into full fruition, getting down to the nitty-gritty of what it means and what and who it is supposed to serve.

The prefix, Luna—meaning moon—symbolizes energy, which is where mother nature and us as human beings get our energy from, hence why we are often eccentric during “full moon”. The suffix, Scence, symbolizes protection, cultivating and enhancing your senses, and bringing in good spirits. Together, LUNASCENCE brings you confidence and positive energy whichever space you enter.

About The Founder

Sarah Dana


About Sarah Dana

I am a proud born and bred CT native and I've been building this shop from the ground up circa 2020. Born and raised in a deeply-spirited Haitian household, spirituality has become such an intricate part of my upbringing and development as a woman. Our spiritual well-being is often undervalued and overlooked. It's often why we're so lost in this matrix. I wanted to create an authentic space where all the eccentric babes can be their authentic selves.

Outside of this shop, I am a hard working MSW with a community organizing focus--hoping to bring the community together through eccentric arts and creativity. I also love to sing and write poetry from time to time to re-center myself during turbulent times.

Sarah Dana


My experience with Lunascence has been amazing. It’s probably the fastest shipping I’ve encountered…. I always get a wonderfully sweet note in the package as well, I’ve saved them all! I genuinely love the jewelry, the style is so beautiful and unique, it all fits this same mood that I enjoy so much. I think since I began ordering from Lunascence it’s been primarily the jewelry I reach to put on now when I’m getting ready.
I had such a great experience shopping with Lunascence! The shipping was so fast, the packaging was great & the quality of the product is amazing. I wear the rings I bought every day and they go well with everything. I will definitely be coming back to this shop often for my jewelry!
It's important for me to be celebrating and purchasing from small businesses during these times, and Lunascence is a brand I'm more than happy to support all year round! They have such a beautiful array of affordable, yet trendy pieces, and it's even more special to see an owner put her entire soul into the beauty and uniqueness behind her store….I would highly suggest Lunascence to any family member or friend for the holiday season if you're looking for the perfect gift!!"

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