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At MASU we create premium, eco-friendly paper goods with playful designs and an American made focus to inspire giving often and boldly. Our paper is 100% post consumer waste recycled, recyclable, and American made. It’s the only premium coated, 100% recycled sheet made in America. We are fully committed to plastic free products, packaging, and marketing materials. From our products to business practices, we always consider our impact on people and the planet. We are playful, thoughtful, & bold.

About The Founder

Libby Hampel

Founder + Designer

About Libby Hampel

Libby Hampel is a surface pattern designer and boss who loves sarcasm, dogs, hazelnut coffee, and The Golden Girls. When she's not making boss moves you'll find her cooking, taking walks while listening to podcasts, getting sucked into Pinterest & reels, and watching college football. She's a Pisces and Enneagram 8 (close 4) and finds humor in how seriously people take these things. Libby currently lives in Columbia, MO with her endlessly supportive husband.

Libby Hampel


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As it’s now one of my FAVORITE gift wrapping papers I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. From its luxurious and refined texture, to its bright, colorful and brilliant patterns. This is one fine and gorgeous line of gift wrapping paper.


Pretty Present
It's nothing like anything I've wrapped with before; it has a smooth buttery feel to it, folds easy, doesn't scratch or leave marks, and looks like a modern luxe package once everything is wrapped.


Avenue Wrapping
I "rate" good paper based on how easily I can slide a pair of scissors down it when I cut a long strip. Who's with me? I loved the thickness, the colors, the way it folded when I wrapped a book with it... All of it!

Beth K.

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