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About the Brand


MIXY makes craft mixology simple by providing handcrafted ingredients to make delicious drinks with a simple two-step process.

Add 12 ounces of booze to the jar, let it sit for 1-3 days, then make 8 delicious cocktails! Each jar makes 8 (1.5 oz.) servings of infused liquor - you can also infuse it twice for 16 servings.

About The Founder

Meredith Levesque

Founder & CEO

About Meredith Levesque

Mixy is the result of my desire to use good food and drinks to bring people together.

Growing up, my parents would make dinner parties extra special by serving beautiful craft cocktails to their guests. My husband and I wanted to adopt this tradition, but we found the process of making cocktails at home too daunting. I was looking for something more approachable so I created Mixy – DIY craft cocktail kits.

Meredith Levesque


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The easiest and most affordable way to make a delicious craft cocktail at home.

Riley M.

Your new favorite cocktail without the years of bartending experience.

Jasmine C.

This was a hit at our latest Bachelorette watching party. You can infuse it twice and get double the drinks!

Asia J.

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