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About the Brand


Munnzil creates handmade, premium Pashmina Cashmere products for the socially conscious consumer. The brand was born out of a desire for promoting the fading craft of handmade Pashmina products and also financially empowering artisans through direct profit sharing.

During the process of creation, a skillful artisan handcrafts each product meticulously, making it an anecdote of exquisite craftsmanship and a labor of love. Since each product is handcrafted, Munnzil offers complete customization. Whether it be your initials on a scarf, or a family portrait hand embroidered on a baby blanket, we take pride in making your imagination come to life.

Our mission at Munnzil is to bring a Bespoke Cashmere into every home and also help financially empower traditional artisans who are still keeping this artform alive.

About The Founder

Maira Ather

Founder & CEO

About Maira Ather

Growing up, the two adjectives, bespoke and handcrafted, were woven into Maira's life as her childhood revolved around watching skilled artisans in South Asia deliver magic through handmade crafts. When she experienced a gap in the US market for bespoke handmade products and affordable Cashmere, her experience creating custom products and working with artisans helped lay the foundation for Munnzil. Today, she strives to make these crafts accessible to the world while empowering indigenous artisans.

Maira Ather


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