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My Fashion Crate

My Fashion Crate is a subscription box for discovering fashion goods from new designers and small businesses. We provide new designers and small businesses a platform and an opportunity to share their stories and products to fashion lovers all over the states. We are committed to giving conscious shoppers the opportunity to be dressed in the latest fashion and do good by supporting new talents and small businesses.

What sets us apart is that we focus on products from new designers and small businesses and deliver them straight to your door saving you time and a walk to the mall. With My Fashion Crate, you are the first to know about new products that can't be found anywhere else.

About The Founder

Suan Kim


About Suan Kim

Living in fashion capital NYC and working in multiple top fashion campanies, I found myself easily discovering trendy styles and of course, new designers! I noticed how much my friends enjoy hearing about these amazing designer and their stories and so My Fashion Crate was born! It is truly my greatest desire to make fashion fun, effortless and accessible.

Suan Kim



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Always very happy with this box! I can always use everything. The fashion items are always super cute and fit is great!

Michelle C.

This box was well worth the price! I am astonished at how many wonderful things it included! It was a fun box to open and see all the goodies inside. If you’re considering buying this one, I highly suggest you get it!

Angela H.

I was absolutely floored at what I received this month! Well worth the price and they continue to suprise with quality merchandise and the extras they send are more than what the box is worth!

Deborah G.

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