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About the Brand

My Little Magic Shop

Our goal is to help you own and take control of your personal wellness journey instead of relying on others to heal you. My Little Magic Shop is essentially training wheels for spiritual development. We guide your inward journey while exploring multiple mystical modalities, in three ways; through the use of mystical tools, education and community scaled through the use of technology.

About The Founder

Shereen Campbell

CEO & Head Fairy

About Shereen Campbell

Shereen is a former corporate retail executive as well as an Astrologer, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal Healer, and Timeline Meditation Healer.

Taking her love for alternative healing modalities and combining it with her experience in retail, Shereen created MLMS to make finding and creating self-care rituals based on ancient practices easier.

Her goal is to share practical, self-empowerment techniques and tools so that others can take charge and make their own magic.

Shereen Campbell



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Discover our weekly events to designed to help you jumpstart your self-care journey!


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"I enjoyed my my magic box! The tools are so vibrant and the quality is worth the money.If your looking to create some positive vibes..I would definitely recommended subscribing!!!"

Sueretta F. | La Vista, US

"Absolutely magical! Everything is beautiful and well purposed. The instruction guide is very helpful while working through chakra cleansing. I look forward to the next box and working these practices into my self care routine, thank you"

Cara C. | Colorado Springs, US

"My Little Magic Shop went above and beyond to WOW me, put magic and healing in my life, and assure me that they're a company who CARES! They made sure my order was perfect and blessed me beyond what I hoped for. I love these guys!"

Ashley J. | Camarillo, US

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