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About the Brand

NAPRIM Naturals

NAPRIM Naturals was created by a hairstylist of 19 yrs after searching for a more natural product to treat the skin from irritation. Heavy creams and ointments irritated surrounding skin and attracted bacteria from the residue they left behind. Our powders are talc-free, soothing to the skin without leaving any residue behind.

About The Founder

Stefanie Lendzian

Founder & CEO

About Stefanie Lendzian

Hairstylist of 19 yrs and mom on a mission to help find a solution for her daughter and for others suffering from eczema and skin irritations. We need a more natural product that can be used for the whole family along with offering versatility. Our powders treat the skin for breakouts, blemishes, eczema, rashes, and dry irritation. I wanted it to blend into all skin tones without leaving a residue behind to attract bacteria like creams, and lotions do.

Stefanie Lendzian



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"I personally have used the nourishing powder on my daughters eczema and my sons baby acne. I feel so good knowing that they are all natural ingredients and have helped clear their skin!"

Alex DeLuca

"I love using the nourishing powder as my makeup setting powder to prevent and treat my breakouts . I have also used it on my kids love that it has so much versatility! "

Christina Spisak

"I love all the NAPRIM Naturals products! Something for my whole family to use even on our dog! It has helped save everyone’s skin."

Pete Velotta


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