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Nashipai sells bold, socially conscious jewelry. We partner alongside talented entrepreneurial Maasai women who make unique and colorful jewelry and accessories. With each sale, Nashipai is able to give back not only to the women in Kenya through fair wages, but also through donated menstrual kits. In addition, Nashipai provides youth work opportunities through its U.S. operations.

About The Founder

Jenny Behrens


About Jenny Behrens

Jenny Behrens is a proud Wisconsinite and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She graduated with a major in Spanish and a minor in Geography. She loves to travel and volunteered for 1 year in Ecuador and lived in Spain for 8 years. She is currently getting her MBA and works full-time at a non-profit that organizes language immersion programs abroad. Her passion and calling are Nashipai and in the near future, she hopes to be able to transition to focus 100% on Nashipai and its mission.

Jenny Behrens


"Beautiful, handmade specialty item... makes any outfit pop! Thank you for your consciousness, so fun to wear and I get so many compliments!"


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