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We bring the Mediterranean experience to the US, where food is not just a product, it is the celebration of life and the infusion of emotions and love into the food. This is how I grew up in Spain. Our extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegar, Mediterranean spice blend - are made with handpicked fruits and herbs at the perfect timing and produced by family-owned farms in small batches. Our beautiful ceramics are handmade and hand-painted. The quality can be felt in each drop and bite!

About The Founder

Gloria Molist

Founder & CEO

About Gloria Molist

My name is Gloria and I was born and raised in Spain, where happiness is built around the table. In our culture, a drizzle of olive oil is a must, adding rich flavor and infusing emotion into every dish.

When I moved to the United States I couldn't find a good quality extra virgin olive oil, so as an olive oil sommelier I decided to start Olivo Amigo to bring fresh EVOO to the US. And now, I've completed the Mediterranean experience with our selection of vinegar, spices, and housewares.

Gloria Molist


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Beautiful product and bottle! My mother stopped in her tracks when she saw the two bottles of Olivo Amigo on my kitchen counter. "What is in that beautiful bottle?!" I was eager to show her that not only is the outside stunning, but what is inside is absolutely divine! Worth every penny!

Ronica C.

Absolutely Amazing Products! All products are used a lot during family brunches and dinners. They are definitely dinner conversation starters!

Tod K.

The Vida Collection
Recommend to all my friends! Wonderful present! My daughter-in-law adored it, and I will certainly purchase it again!

Damon S.

The Vida Collection

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