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About the Brand

Orchid + Ash

Our dream at Orchid + Ash is to not only bring some hygge and love into your home, but to also create a unique network of insanely talented eco-conscious women+ that are directly supported by each and every purchase.

All of the goods that are not made in-house are thoughtfully sourced from small women+ owned businesses around the globe, and we are sure they will inspire you as much as they do us. The Mission: Give women+ more money.

About The Founder

Kristina Baranowski

Founder + CEO

About Kristina Baranowski

Our founder, Kristina, started her journey as an entrepreneur at 24, and has started multiple businesses over the course of the last nine years. She realized her passion truly lies within the community of other women+ makers. Making all-natural candles keeps her hands busy, while every other good sourced for Orchid + Ash puts money directly in the pockets of other women+. She finds so much beauty in the concept of collaboration over competition, and collaboration is what makes O+A possible.

Kristina Baranowski


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"This candle is my ALL TIME FAVORITE scent and I can’t find anything like it or near the same. This candle is hands down one of the best I’ve bought. It burns evenly and I couldn’t be happier! Beautiful product!"


"Everything from this store smells heavenly. Last long and there's no chemical odor. Absolutely amazing scent."


"I loved this candle it burns really well and it has a really nice scent. It has a soft citrus scent with cedar, its not an overpowering scent when u burn it either, its just right. I will definitely buy more and gift to friends and family."



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