About the Brand

Papel and Company

After years working in the wedding industry, growing the business and working non stop it was clear to us that we needed to make changes and prioritize our well being. This transition wouldn't have been able to happen smoothly without the beauty of nature, the love of people and the always present paper products that allowed us to express our thoughts and emotions. It was then that we understood our purpose helping others to slow down and connect with themselves. Our goal it to create beautiful products inspired by our own journey providing others with simple tools that have help us navigate all of life's seasons.

About The Founder

Natalia Otalora

Creative Director

About Natalia Otalora

Nat is a designer, creator and lover of the beauty of this world. She has followed the path of curiosity allowing creativity to guide her through out life. She truly believes in the power of creativity and connection to bring joy and balance to this world.

Natalia Otalora

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