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About the Brand


PärdēPress is a vibrant, modern, and unconventional greeting card company that gives women the freedom to acknowledge all the events that make life unique and round.

Because there is more to celebrate than just weddings and babies.

About The Founder

Keli Change

Owner + Creative Director

About Keli Change

Keli created PärdēPress out of her desire to create a space for girlfriends to acknowledge and celebrate each other. She realized that as she got older, the only time she and her girlfriend got together to celebrate each other was when one of them got married or was having a baby. That concept was unsettling to Keli, as she felt that there had to be "more to celebrate than weddings and babies."

And what better way to acknowledge and celebrate our girlfriends than with a thoughtfully crafted handwritten note?

So, Keli sought to create greeting cards that permitted women to celebrate all the events that make life round and beautiful.

Keli Change

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