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Peachbox Co. is a Latina-owned company, from Boston. Our love for urban luxury products and our obsession for effortless gifting is at the core of what we do. Our gift boxes are perfectly hand wrapped at the peach-house headquarters, where we fight to reduce waste, by packaging your gifts with stunning biodegradable packaging, because we love the planet, as much as you!

We love sourcing products that have been ethically made, and our gift collections are consistently useful and timeless.

About The Founder

Alvania A. Lopez

Founder, Owner & CEO

About Alvania A. Lopez

Alvania always had a love (and talent) for arts and crafts, creating greeting cards and candy jewelry, through childhood. She delighted in the joys of gift-giving, and still does! Celebrating diversity and building strong relationships is her personal mantra.

Alvania’s mission is to make the art of gifting, convenient, exclusive, and almost effortless.

Alvania A. Lopez


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"I just love this! Beautiful, unique, useful and the best part. #ZeroWaste oriented. You can literally reuse everything in this box."


“Peachbox makes it so easy and convenient to be there for your clients and show them you care.”


"I received my Peachbox gift from my realtor. Not only was it a sweet surprise but it was packaged beautifully and the items were perfect!"


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